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Determine The Analysis and Oppor...

Silicon photonics is a specific study and research of the Photonic Systems that exercises the sil...

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FOE 2016, 16th FIBER OPTICS EXPO, April 6 - 8, 2016, Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, JAPAN

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The leading trade-show organized to promote Photonics and Light Technologies. PHOTONEX 2015 Oct...

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Company Introduction

Buy Genuine FTTH Drop Cables From Authentic Supplier - KAPIDOPTICAL

Durable and High Quality FTTH Drop Cables Available from KAPID
Buy precise form of Drop Cables in different specs according to required services.

The Korea Association for Photonics Industry Development (KAPID) came into being with the idea for the development of Photonics Industry in South Korea. It was established on March 30th, 2000 with the dedication for the promotion and growth of the appropriate businesses.

Our Services:

The KAPID is dedicated to play essential role for providing high class FTTH Drop Cables to combine the forces to photonics for addressing the problems of the industry, academia, research institutes, and the government. Such facts have to be dealt with for creating the photonics industry and the growth engine for the future of South Korea. We are running one stop support center for dealing with the problem photonics businesses are experiencing in real time. Such as linked to the government policies, certification, and manpower supply.

Our Dedication To Promote Business:

The KAPID is highly dedicated FTTH Drop Cables supplier from South Korea; having long term business experience to supply quality drop cables to our clients. We wish to build strong business relationships with our clients dealing in Photonics products. We are increasing and assisting the business ties of the customers of Photonics industries and related companies. We are serving our best to provide common interests and entire support in providing policy recommendations to the government. We are serving our best to create the Photonics industrial marketing support through our advanced FTTH Drop Cables designed for our clients and also doing our best to discover new convergent industries for commercial support to them. We are devoted in promoting the Photonics industrial development and also to advancement of international exchanges and cooperation businesses. We are also supporting our services for Photonics industrial man-power cultivation and to bring services for employment creation businesses.

Our Mission:

The KAPID has certain missions to accomplish the strengthen ties between photonics industries and significant organizations. We are dedicated to promote FTTH Drop Cables for the common interests, and proposing the policy proposals to the Korean government. We are also providing marketing support towards photonics industry for determining new photonics convergence industry. Also, to carry out combined research projects for the development of photonics technologies and to regulate the technologies as well. We are here to perform promotional activities through our FTTH Drop Cables and global assistance for the expansion and growth of the photonics industry. We are dedicated to look after the skilled manpower for the photonics industry and performing projects provide jobs opportunities.

Features of our FTTH Drop Cables:

1. Available in customized lengths.
2. Tone able cables that let traceability.
3. Hybrid patterns and designs available.
4. Jacket material used for making it flexible and defying at all temperatures.
5. Flat drop cable for easy pulling through channels, direct buried, or aloft lashed.
6. These cables are suitable for di-electric construction that permits operation near power-lines on service poles.

Specialized Products:

We are dedicated in dealing different products that are closely related to the Photonics industry. Here are some of the products that describe our product line such as Fiber Optic Termination Boxes, Industrial Optical Module, FTTH Drop Cables, PLC Splitter Modules, LED lighting, Optical communication components, Optical instrument, High Bay Light 100W, Fiber Optic Splice Closure, Loose Tube Cable, Optical Switch Hub, PoE Switch, Optical Media Converter, Thermal Imaging System and LED Lighting, LED Phototherapy unit etc.

We Feel free to know more about FTTH Drop Cables and we got more networking and communication devices in our stock and are available in competent prices. Get more information about our Products details and Company, please Contact Us.

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