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The Korea Association for Photonics Industry Development (KAPID) is dedicated to supply highly recognized Fiber Optic Termination Boxes and promoting the product for the expansion of the Photonics Industry. We are working for the development and advancement of Photonics Industry in South Korea. Since, the establishment of our company in the year 2000, we have been wholly contributing our services for the progress and promotion of the industry.

Our Best Optical Termination Instrument Box:

KAPID has been well known Fiber Optic Termination Boxes supplier; having wide range of fiber optical termination devices that are supplied to our customers. These termination products are available in various specifications that are required by our clients. Among such products there are some specific boxes including Optical Termination Box (ST-TAP), Fiber Optic Termination Box (FTTH GP-B24), Optical Termination Box (ST-OTP-AN), and FTTH mini fiber optic box etc. All such optical termination box has metal housing with electro static spray painting.

Reliable Name of KAPID:

KAPID has been supplying quality fiber optic termination boxes that have been designed to provide the whole thing that require for arrangement of a particular fiber optic network by using necessary cables, wires, termination box, patch panels, and also the required cleaning products. These fiber optic products are normally available with quite reliable combinations and connectors that are available in different sizes.

Features of Fiber Optical Termination Box:

1. High quality Fiber Optic Termination Boxes in metal housing frames.
2. Two pieces inlet and outlet.
3. Total capacity of 96 cores.
4. Over 90 opening angle tray sliding lock designed.
5. Operational Temperature of about -40 +65 C.
6. Equally good for Installation as desktop or wall mounting.

Our Related Products:

KAPID has wide range of optical products available in the stock. We also provide LED Lighting, Loose Tube Cables, FTTH Drop Cables, Optical Termination Box (ST-TAP), Industrial Optical Module, PLC Splitter Modules, Thermal Imaging Lens Assembly, Thermal Imaging System, Aspheric Lenses, Aspheric Mirrors, and Industrial 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet Swtich (SFC 8000HP), and PoE Switch etc.