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Do you wish to buy quality PLC Splitter Modules in competent prices?
We can supply you the best grade splitter modules to fulfill your networking needs.

The Korea Association for Photonics Industry Development (KAPID) has been supplying quality PLC Splitter Modules in different modes for the growth and progress of Photonics Industry in South Korea. The company has been fully devoted for promoting the business strategies and development of this industry.

Latest PLS Modules:

KAPID introduces a wide range of high performance PLC Splitter Modules that are being utilized the optical waveguide chips. The chips rely on specific technology called Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition and its patented production method for offering constant optical characteristics. Our modules provide complete series of PLC splitters that are modified for precise applications and all such products meet international quality standards.

Effective Splitter Modules:

KAPID is one of the highly devoted PLC Splitter Modules supplier; having effective PLS products in large stock. We are supplying high level of services in networking and other connectivity purposes. We supply PLC Modules in pre-terminated form to make sure that we provide maximum quality as possible to our customers. These modules are available in different channel configurations that are supplied with a variety of connector modules.

Applications of PLC Splitter Modules:

1. FTTX Systems.
2. PON / FTTX Networks.
3. CATV Links.
4. Optical Signal Distribution.
5. Outside Plant Equipments.
6. DWDM /CWDM systems.

Features of Splitter Modules:

1. Low insertion loss, Low PDL and Back Reflection.
2. High consistency and regularity.
3. High reliability and stability.
4. Compressed and compacted design.
5. Superior uniformity.
6. Operational wavelength: 1260nm to 1650nm.
7. Operational temperature: -40 to 85 degrees.

Find Specific Optical Products:

KAPID has been serving more services to our customers as we have some related optical products in our stock. We also serve various other optical products such as like Fiber Optic Termination Boxes (ST-TAP), Optical Termination Box, Loose Cables, LED Lighting, Industrial Optical Fiber Modules, PoE Switch, Industrial Ethernet Switches FTTH Drop Cables, Aspheric Lenses, Aspheric Mirrors, Thermal Imaging System, PLC Splitter Modules, and Thermal Imaging Lens etc.